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I'm Gurjot Chhina

Doctoral Student

Scope: Assessments

Gurjot Chhina is a third-year practicum student enrolled in the PsyD program at Adler University, where he is actively honing his clinical skills and knowledge. He has previously worked in a forensic setting and child & youth setting in his goals to become the most holistic and well-balanced clinician possible. Currently, his research pursuits delve into rumination-based decision-making, with a particular focus on its implications for depressive disorders and the Sunk-Cost Effect.


Beyond his academic endeavors, Gurjot finds fulfillment in a variety of activities. He channels his passion for athleticism into playing ice hockey and hiking. Additionally, he enjoys the mental challenge of strategic gameplay in chess. Gurjot Chhina's commitment to holistic growth, both personally and professionally, underscores his dedication to making meaningful contributions to the field of psychology.

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