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I'm Linda Sawyer, M.A.

Associate Psychologist

Speciality: Emotion Based Therapy

Population: Young Adults 

Scope: Therapy

I obtained a BA from the University of Manitoba, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology, and went on to obtain my Masters's degree in Developmental Psychology and partial requirements towards my PhD, prior to having my family. I am a former Psychological Associate in the Psychological Association of Manitoba (PAM) and a present member of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA).

I have worked with children and adults for the past 35 years, 2 years in Forensic Psychiatry, and as a School Psychologist for 33 years, in Winnipeg, prior to retiring from that position.

My primary goal in working with you is for you to feel comfortable and safe during our sessions. My role is to work collaboratively, using your own strengths and coping skills in an empathic manner. My goal with each person I work with is to help that individual feel “more at peace” when they leave our sessions and be able to cope with any daily challenges, anxiety, and/or mood changes that they may face. I look forward to helping you with any difficulties you may be encountering.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my adult children, traveling, walking, and cooking!

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