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I'm Cara-Anne Storey, AA (Psych)


Scope: Assessments

I have enjoyed working as a passionate Psychometrist for 9 years now. From the moment I took my first Psyc 100 class, I knew that Psychology was calling me. As I grew and learned in the discipline, I came to understand the potential arising from psychological testing. More than anything, I wanted to help assess youth who struggled academically, to help them realize that they weren’t incapable of learning, only that the way they learned had yet to be discovered.

The experience I have accumulated since those early days as a psychology student has continued to be profoundly educational for me. I have been honoured with the opportunity to work with many people of different ages and challenges. Whether I am working with someone struggling with mental health challenges, learning challenges or cognitive challenges, my aim is to recognize each client as a whole person as they are. No one is perfect: we all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses. My goal is to help a client feel comfortable with the testing process so they can perform to the best of their ability.


When I’m not enjoying myself working with clients, I am at home having fun with my family: husband, three adolescent children, and our dog-cat Bing. We play games, go out for adventures in the great outdoors, and enjoy spending our Friday nights with pizza and a movie. As for my “me” time, I’m happy reading, gardening, going to Pilates, traveling, and spending quality time with my amazing husband and friends.

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