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I'm Theresa Moolman

Doctoral Student

Scope: Assessments

I am a current PsyD student at Adler University studying clinical psychology. I have previously received my bachelor’s degree, with honours, from the University of Victoria in biology and psychology. My honours thesis focused on the relationship between depression and health-related decision-making in youth.


As a practicum student, I am passionate about supporting clients on their journey of self-discovery and understanding. Through assessment, my goal is to collaborate with clients to help them identify both areas of distress and personal strengths. By doing so, I can provide tailored recommendations to enhance their overall mental health and well-being. I am particularly interested in conducting psychoeducational and psychological assessments in clients of all ages. 


My passion for this work stems from my past work experience working with autistic children and those with developmental delays. Helping these individuals navigate their unique challenges and circumstances was incredibly rewarding, and it inspired me to pursue a career in psychology. I am especially drawn to the process of psychological assessment because it provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning. This understanding is essential for developing effective, individualized treatment plans that foster growth and resilience, which is something I find incredibly meaningful.


In my spare time, I love to spend time at the beach, go for hikes, and explore my neighbourhood in Kitsilano.

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