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Niamh Walsh, M.Ps.S.I.

I am an Associate Psychologist working here at MyPsychology BC. I recently immigrated from Ireland to work and further develop my psychological career. I am passionate about my work and have attained various knowledge of educational and developmental psychology while completing my BA Honours degree in Psychology at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. I furthered my psychological career by completing her Masters in Psychological Science at the University College of Dublin. Having worked firsthand for over seven years with Autism and Intellectual Disability, I was thrilled to explore my passion.


I am registered with the British Psychological Association as a qualified test user for certain psychological assessments. I also am an Associate Member of the American Psychological Society (APA) (Membership No - C2103026460) as well as a Graduate Member of the Psychological Society Ireland (PSI) (Membership No - 11248). 


I have a great interest in the psychology of children and adolescents and how different environments contribute to one’s behavioural patterns and personality traits. I completed my master’s thesis on, ‘The risk and protective factors associated with the transition from suicidal thought to a suicide attempt in a national sample of Irish adolescents,’ and the hours of research investigating the mental health of young people have broadened my knowledge and awareness immensely. Based on the biopsychosocial model of clinical practice, the findings were very significant. I am passionate and eager to extend my psychological career by learning and sharing information with colleagues, children, and families.  


I have been providing individual psychotherapy therapy since 2018, focusing on CBT and Positive Psychology. I utilize an integrative and person-centred approach to therapy as this method has proven successful in understanding an individual’s experience from their own perspective. I believe by doing so the client is positively valued as a person in all aspects of their humanity. The aim is to be open and genuine by guiding them to find their own way to move forward and progress. I evaluate the clients’ thoughts, behavioural patterns, and emotional responses that develop during the session while maintaining a positive and motivational attitude, therefore, empowering her client's ability to flourish and reach their goals.


In my free time I like to travel, thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, play sports, and have a keen interest in musical instruments.

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